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We perform R&D and engineering projects, designing pumps and providing breakthrough solutions for your business


We offer range of engineering services related to many types of hydraulic machines and applications:


Our engineering portfolio with more detailed description of the released projects.

The current portfolio is for demonstration purposes only. The projects shown below are the intellectual property of our Customers and cannot be sold. All the graphical and text data are published with the consent of our Customers.

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About us

There is no unsolvable task

in the hydraulic world

for our team!

We are highly Customer focused company, founded by experienced engineers. Our Team is the fusion of scientific theoretical knowledge with years of practical worldwide experience. Our mindset is always willing to push the limits of design propelling the whole industry and business of our Customers.


The most important advantages of engineering outsourced.

You get a motivated engineering team

Motivation, dedication and broad engineering outlook are essential for achieving high results. Thus developing of these qualities is the absolute priority for an outsourcing company. This is why it’s important for us to provide professional development programs and give access to knowledge databases for our employees.

Experience, motivation and state of the art knowledge guarantee that created product will be competitive and will match market demand in the best way.


in overhead costs

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing is reducing cost. According to Industry Week, labor costs can decrease 30-50% and also other investment costs can decrease dramatically for companies that choose outsourcing of engineering services. This can allow a company to dedicate its revenue to core competencies and other essential functions.

Scale up rapidly

New employees will also mean new offices, additional salaries, new stuff as desktops or laptops and even office cellphones. So why to outsource engineers? You do not need to shell out much money before you grow up your operations, because the outsourcing vendor will usually covers most of the overhead cost.

Greater focus

Outsource engineering service normally is used for specific projects, all their resources are focused on getting that job done. When a company has multiple needs and projects in the same time, outsourcing can allow them to put their own resources to another critical tasks. This increases customer’s satisfaction across all segments of the business.

Get access

to skilled experts

Every organization wants to hire only the best people, with skills and experience. But a lot of companies are unable to provide high salary level for those specialists.

Outsourcing of engineering gives you an easy access to the best tools and people, so you do not need to invest, thereby saving more money for your company.

Quicker turnaround

Engineering service providers are dedicated to provide specific solutions for their clients, so they have full ability to implement projects quickly and efficiently. Meeting deadlines is their utmost concern, and they have the amount of engineers on hand needed to make it happen.


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